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Our extended tribe begins here. Although Independent Artists are independent, they operate their own business within the clean-air workspace of Agape. These artists have their own products, services, standards and pricing structures. They offer exceptional services while working alongside the tribe- that's why we call them our "Extended Tribe."


Independent Stylist

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Michele has been practicing the art of hair as an independent stylist for over a decade. Her spice for fun shines through her creative approach to cuts + color.  She is passionate about making people feel their best + transforming their outer beauty to match that within.


Michele excels in creative color, cuts + formal styles. With her impressive focus on continuing education, she holds several advanced certifications like Twisted Fringe extensions, Oleplex hair treatments + Malibu makeovers.  She thrives during special event services like weddings + proms while traveling often to meet her client's needs.

In keeping the tradition of a holistic lifestyle, she's mastered the delicate balance of home + work. The opportunity of providing services to her hometown as well as the importance of being a dedicated wife + mom excites her.

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