Skin care is not just a luxury, but a necessity. We utilize years of expertise, advanced technology + beauty traditions from around the world to bring you pure + customized services for a complete holistic approach to healthy skin. Focusing on offering traditional + advanced rituals using medical-grade + biodynamic plant-based products, our skincare services are extremely effective in balancing your skin's needs while a mindful approach help you to achieve complete relaxation.













Designed for purity + nourishment, this ritual begins using a succession of sensory, natural + luxurious ampoules that protect + nourish, leaving the skin luminous. Manual extractions are preformed + A custom, hand blended array of seasonal plants are prepared, infusing essential minerals into the skin to meet it's needs. The detoxifying process removes toxins while a super-active concentrate promotes skin renewal + ultimate health. This ritual closes with skilled gestures to the upper body + face.

$60 | 45 MIN

This invigorating ritual opens with a traditional face + beard cleansing. A seasonal plant mask lifts to reveal properly balanced skin, followed by manual extractions + an energizing facial mist to awaken the tissues. With the use of concentrated serums + ampoules, the needs of the skin are met before the ritual ends with skilled gestures to the upper body + face.

$60 | 45 MIN

For intense radiance, promoted collagen production + regulation of skin microbiota, the ritual starts with a deep cleansing enzyme mask while an infusion of seasonal plants offer a toning solution. The protected skin is now prepared for an AHA or BHA based peel + manual extractions before it's physically exfoliated with light dry brushing. For a soothing action, a compress is used to rebalance + hydrate. Skilled gestures are performed of the upper body + face while our signature lip + eye treatment closes the ritual.

$80 | 60 MIN

The ritual begins with a deep but delicate cleansing. The skin is prepared with light exfoliation + manual extractions before a soothing blend, rich in antioxidants + anti-inflammatory polyphenols is absorbed into the skin with the help of jade stone massage. The treatment is conveyed using a biodynamic blend with cortisone-like action while increasing capacity of collagen + offering brightness to dull skin. This ritual closes with skilled gestures over the upper body + face before our signature lip + eye treatment are applied.
$65 | 45 MIN

A velvety cream cleanser is used to cleanse the skin followed by a mineral + soothing blend of concentrated extracts. Jade stone massage is used to bring a firming response to facial tissue + skin. The ritual continues with manual extractions + exfoliation with a light AHA peel for a smooth + radiant glow before bio-retinol is used for restoration. Before closing, immediate illumination + plumping effects are offered through the use of bio-dynamic masks. This ritual closes with skilled gestures over the upper body + face before lip + eye treatments are applied.
$85 | 60 MIN

Deep cleansing to start, followed by an enzymatic peel + manual extractions. Dry brushing offers generous exfoliation in preparation for the absorption of concentrated bio-retinol for lightened age spots + firmer skin. With jade massage, eye contouring compress + anti-aging face mask, your skin will be left glowing + cellular matrix restored.
$85 | 60 MIN

For immediate control of inflammation, the ritual starts by loosening the epithelial layer, triggering the withdrawal of toxins + preparation of the skin. Nano-needling, A non-invasion alternative to micro-needling is performed to create micro-channels in the outermost layer of the skin for maximum absorption of medicinal ampoules. Tea Tree extract, Madecassoside + Aloe powder are key in soothing skin, repairing damage, balancing sebum + retaining optimal moisture. The ritual includes a steamed-mask while Elm Bark Extract along with manual extractions are used to remove free radicals + buildup in pores. This ritual may be performed as is or with the addition of skilled gestured massage to the upper body + face.

$90 | 60 MIN

A ritual designed for those 12-17 years of age suffering from acneic skin. Removal of impurities with an enzyme cleanser + mask followed by infused steam to prepare for manual extractions. Application of herbal + medicinal concentrations are manually manipulated into the skin before a custom mask closes the ritual.

$40 | 30 MIN

The ultimate anti-age treatment targeting fine lines, saggy skin + wrinkles. Following a deep cleanse, enzyme mask, steam + manual extractions to release impurities, nano-needling delivers transdermal infusion of peptides responsible for skin vitality, cycle activation + conditioning while providing oxidative stress prevention. This non-invasion method of treatment creates micro-channels for superior absorption of nourishing human stem-cell culture offering optimal collagen production, epidermal firmness, the production of amino acids all while creating brighter + moisturized skin. Highly concentrated ampoules are applied containing adenosine, peptide complex, PDRN, EGF to repair skin vitality + promote self-regeneration. The ritual closes with skilled gestures to the upper body + face.

$90 | 60 MIN

Derived from the lotus flower, this ultra hydrating ritual delivers 7 different types of multi-weight hyaluronic acid. A deep cleanse, enzyme mask, steam + manual extractions to release impurities, followed by nano-needling to deliver transdermal infusion of concentrated ampoules providing skin repairing ingredients that sooth, hydrate + restore suppleness. This non-invasion method of treatment creates micro-channels for superior absorption of these skin regenerative ingredients. The ritual closes with skilled gestures to the upper body + face.

$90 | 60 MIN

Immediately effects the brightness of skin. A deep cleanse to start, enzyme mask, steam + manual extractions to release impurities, a non-invasive alternative to micro-needling delivering transdermal infusion of glutathione + niacinamide to aid in skin whitening. This method of nano-needling creates micro-channels for superior absorption of customized concentrates  necessary in combatting dullness + wrinkles. The ritual closes with skilled gestures to the upper body + face.

$90 | 60 MIN




With the intention of completely overturning the surface of the skin to aid in the emergence of a healthy, glowing finish. This non-invasive ritual starts with an enzyme mask + is followed by physical exfoliation. A gentle, yet effective resurfacing peel specially formulated to shorten the duration of skin's healing time is applied. Once prepped, nano-needling infusion is used to permeate new skin for optimal health + glow.  The ritual closes with skilled, careful gestures to the upper body + face.

*Skin will continue to renew itself for up to 12 weeks.

$100 | 60 MIN






Restoring youth + radiance to the skin, this ritual starts with dry brushing + plant-infused detoxifying sugars offer regeneration + elasticizing benefits to the skin. The face is steamed + moisturized. A detoxifying cleanser is added to the body, followed by a biodynamic, plant-based toning elixir while a Gua Sha stone helps to hydrate recharging the lipophilic components of the skin for a deeply nourishing finish.

$75 | 60 MIN 

For slimming, anti-cellulite + removal of water retention. Dry brushing + Gua Sha performed with draining gestures to exfoliate, smooth + increase microcirculation while an alpha hydroxy acid blend helps to stimulate collagen synthesis. A bio-dynamic, plant-infused elixir detoxifies accumulated toxins while adding deep hydration to the skin. The heart of this ritual brings a lipolytic booster based on pink pepper before firming maneuvers + a steamed facial treatment close the ritual.

$90 | 75 MIN 

Performed with privacy in mind by our skilled esthetician; combat the signs of aging, strengthen connective tissues + reduce water retention for an immediate lighter effect. Dry brushing + Gua Sha performed with skillful maneuvers + continues with cell renewal aided by use of an alpha hydroxy acid blend. A plumping booster offers firmness + moisture before closing with a nourishing, velvety treatment + steamed facial treatment.

$115 | 75 MIN

Performed with privacy in mind by our skilled esthetician; a ritual performed on upper body including shoulders. arms, hands + decollate to promote the reversal of sun damage + oxidative stress. Gestures performed aids in the removal of dead cells while accelerating cell renewal for younger looking skin. A plant infused, biodynamic elixir sooth the skin while dry brushing increases circulation. The skin is then prepped for reconstruction using bio-retinol  that brings a smoothing + reparative boost to the cells. The ritual closes with a restorative wrapped mask along with a skilled massage.

$50 | 30 MIN



A gentle cleanse to ensure full root removal followed by an anti-microbial + anti-septic, soy wax. Bio-dynamic, plant-infused soothing + anti-inflammatory treatment is applied to combat redness.
























*in order to maintain our integrity, this service is reserved for female clients only