We designed our nail + hand services with you in mind. Our polish selection offers the cleanest professional nail products available while still delivering optimal longevity, oxygenating layers + a slow release of vitamins A, C + E into the nail bed. With your health in mind, we opted to use non-jetted pedicure bowls in order to eliminate bacteria + easily maintain proper sanitation protocols. Our skilled service providers are trained to carefully remove dead skin + trim cuticles for a gentle, yet effective result.







Nail + cuticle care followed by a hand massage to ease the tension of daily life. Choose the perfect shade topped with a highly flexible + durable topcoat offering ultra-fast drying time, optimal brilliance + extending the life of your manicure. Choose to add on a specialty bio-dynamic, plant-based mask for hand rejuvenation.


*add-ons available

A treatment for dry, brittle + damaged nails. Nail + cuticle care, nourishing mineral soak + a specialty customized mask to restore healthy, strong nails. This ritual ends using a line of clear polishes that infuse the nail with amino acids, redefine protein structure + restore the moisture barrier. The action of keratin bonding result in healthy, strong nails resilient to additional damage. Addition of colored polish is not recommended but available as an add-on service.


$40 single | $110 series of 3 

A ritual performed by our nail technicians for arms + hands to promote the reversal of sun damage + oxidative stress. Gestures performed aids in the removal of dead cells while accelerating cell renewal for younger looking skin. A plant infused, biodynamic elixir sooth the skin while dry brushing increases circulation. The skin is then prepped for reconstruction using bio-retinol bringing a smoothing + reparative boost to the cells. The ritual closes with a restorative wrapped mask along with a skilled massage.

$30 | 30 MIN

With peel prevention in mind, this ritual starts with a hot towel infused with plant botanicals. Nail + cuticle care are performed, nails are coated with the perfect shade, while hands + arms are treated to s skilled massage.

*Gel removal is an additional $13


*add-ons available

Designed for ages 12 + under, this ritual includes nail care + cuticle pushing (minus the trim), followed by a light hand massage. Choose the perfect shade topped with a highly flexible + durable topcoat offering ultra-fast drying time, optimal brilliance + extending the life of your manicure.












Efficiently designed to provide exceptional service in half the time. A quick soak, nail care, light callus work, hydration with bio-dynamic, plant-based moisturizer + finished with your perfect shade.


$40 | 30 MIN

*add-ons available

An herbal infused soak, followed by manual callus removal. A buffing action is performed using organic grape sugars with added alpha hydroxy acid benefits. Rehydration occurs using a herbal-infused hot towel for ultimate absorption of luxurious, bio-dynamic oils. Skilled gestures offer escape from tired muscles + brings revival to dull skin on hands, arms, legs + feet. The ritual ends with complete nail care + polish. Choose a regenerating mask as an additional perk to this already luxurious ritual.

$70 | 60 MIN

*add-ons available

Ideal for the eco-conscious along with guests who suffer from diabetic symptoms. Hot towels with an anti-septic cleanse followed by nail care with no trimming of cuticles. An emery-like file offers light callus smoothing while dry brushing of the legs promote circulation. Layers of your favorite shade with a polish-extending top coat. A gentle-touch leg + foot massage closes this ritual.

$40 | 30 MIN

*add-ons available

An Epson salt, activated charcoal infused foot soak, followed by a wrapped charcoal-based foot mask. An herbal detoxing leg wrap is performed to reduce water retention + increase skin elasticity. Manual exfoliation as well as a buffing scrub are used for callus removal. After a skilled leg + foot massage, application of the perfect shade is applied + finished with a long-wear top coat.

$75 | 60 MIN

Designed for ages 12+ under, a botanical foot soak starts the ritual. Bio-dynamic sugar scrub is used to manually buff + smooth the skin. Light nail care is performed, following a gentle massage with herbal infused oils, the perfect shade is applied to close.

$30 | 20 MINS

Performed by our nail technicians, this ritual is designed to restore circulation + balance with promoting tissue drainage offering lightness by reducing water retention. Beginning with dry brushing + continuing with cell renewal by use of alpha hydroxy acids. A plumping booster offers firmness + moisture before closing with a nourishing, velvety treatment.

$30 | 30 MINS

BRIGHTENING Promotes cell turnover, fosters collagen production. Great for dark spots, scarring, or dull skin.


TIGHTENING Tightening, wrinkle reducing, antibacterial mask filled with minerals + soothing aloe vera.

MOISTURE Slows down aging while adding intense moisture to regain youthful, supple skin.


SOFTEN Keep skin bright + radiant. Pro-vitamin b-5 keeps skin soft, smooth + healthy while offering deep hydration.




Faux fix nail extension using Evo Gel's 10-free formula. Formed or free-form technique performed to fix that stubborn broken nail.


$4 | NAIL


Add gel polish to your service for long-lasting, chip-free finish.