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You deserve luscious hair that empowers.

Our elite artists have been trained by the top in the industry to deliver seamless, tailored hair that reflects your own texture, shape + color.

Using 100% human, double-drawn, Remy hair + the most advanced application methods, we can help you transform your hair with length, density, volume, color + can assist in giving you the hair you've dreamed of. 




Removal + reapplication: we suggest 2-3 months but may last up to 6 months.

K-Tips are tiny, individual strands of hair containing a keratin tip that, when heated, bond to your own hair. Strategically placed K-Tips offer density + length that is virtually invisible.

Flawless blends + unrestricted movement make K-Tips perfect for those with an active lifestyle + make pony tails a breeze.

K-Tips are also the best choice for those with the busiest of schedules who prefer less salon visits for maintenance.




Move-up: 4-6 weeks

I-Tip extensions use an individual bead application that allows maximum versitility + movement by integrating the extensions with the natural hair.

Copper beads with protective silicone lining create minimal shedding + ultimate protection for your natural locks.


I-Tips are great for guests who value comfort, enjoy an active lifestlye while requiring unrestricted movement suitable for ponytails, along with convenient removal + reapplication.




Move-up: 4-6 weeks

Weft extensions are sewn in to a beaded foundation for full coverage.

Volume wefts are suited for adding maximum volume to dense hair while hand-tied wefts are suited for all hair types while offering a lightweight, comfortable option with a thin + flexible attachment point.

Wefts may be used in combination with other application methods + leave your artist with full artistic freedom.

Wefts bring the most secure attachment method available with a fast, no-mess removal. However, wefts are less workout + water friendly.



Removal + reapplication: 4-6 weeks

Tape in hair extensions are made with thin, 1-inch wide, pre-taped hair wefts. Tape-ins bond to your hair with a "sandwhich" application + lay flat against your head.

Tape-ins are a great choice for the budget conscious + is the most requested extension as they last up to 2 months + offer a quick install.



Removal + reapplication: we suggest 8 weeks but may last 4-6 months.

The most undetectable hair extensions yet. These enhancements can be used to transform hair color, thinning hair, add volume and add density to hairlines.

Using a environmentally-friendly, light-cured adhesive, 100% human hair is attached to each individual strand of your hair, creating an absolutely flawless, brushable, and invisible result.

Slow, natural fallout will occur over the next 8-12 weeks


Extension Custom-Fill Application: Consulation Required

Extension Density Application: Consulation Required

Extension Full-Head Application: Consulation Required

Extension Move-Up: Consulation Required

Extension Removal: Consulation Required

Learn more about our ethically sourced, cruelty-free hair at

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Hair extensions are such a customized experience. Offering an estimate without evaluating EXACTLY what you want or may need is seemingly impossible. With prices ranging from $100-$1,800, we couldn't possibly give an estimate online.

Actual pricing determined during your consultation are based on what type of application method (or combination) will be used, how much hair you currently have, the end result you choose + the type of hair you desire (such as length, texture + color variation).

Routine maintenance will also be discussed as well as at-home care.

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