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The Huge Secret Hair Salons are Hiding

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Formaldehyde, calcium hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate, guanidine carbonate, ammonia, lithium hydroxide, Ethyl methacrylate....

Sound scary? It should. These are just a few of the chemicals that are hiding in salons.


I'll admit that as a young stylist the thought of salon products being harmful didn't bother me. It wasn't until the first time I saw the steam of evaporating styling product during a blowout that I became worried. How many times have I breathed in hair product? It's not always visual, but it happens every time.

CHEMICALS EVERYWHERE! It was the moment of evaporating gel filling my lungs that changed my view of hair salons. I started noticing everything! I began looking at my haircolor-stained hands differently... how many chemicals were absorbed during that stain? What am I painting onto my client's scalps? How many toxins are released when a plastic brush heats up? How much dust do I inhale when I mix powdered bleach? How much ammonia can a strand of hair take before it snaps? How many times will my fingertips tolerate these bleach burns? What's in the hairspray I innocently use on my daughters' braided hairstyle?

THE POWER OF CHOICE When making the switch to salon owner, I searched up + down for a natural hair care + hair color line that delivered. I wanted to be confident that the products were free from chemicals that can not only be dangerous to the health of my clients, but also the health of my family! I knew my products needed to not only be natural, but also organically grown.

NOW PRESENTING OWAY Oway is an Italian-based company that was founded in 1948. They have years + years of experience creating + producing high quality hair care with the best organic ingredients and the strict ethical + sustainable practices that I was looking for. Their styling products also performed at an exceptional level. 

IT'S NOT ABOUT ME The feedback within the first month of using this luxury professional line was overwhelmingly successful. My customers were in love. The rich color, the staying power, the smell, the calming effect on the scalp + the shine were just some of positive feedback received. You guys love it! And so do I.

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