Skin care is not just a luxury, but a necessity. We utilize years of expertise, advanced technology + beauty traditions from around the world to bring you pure + customized services for a complete holistic approach to healthy skin. Focusing on offering traditional + advanced rituals using medical-grade + biodynamic plant-based products, our skincare services are extremely effective in balancing your skin's needs while a mindful approach help you to achieve complete relaxation.


Facial rituals for all skin types using biodynamic + organic skincare products. Our traditional facials are delivered with a holistic approach, using plant-based, luxury ingredients like teak + helichrysum to help your skin feel it's best. Whether your skin needs to be soothed or you're in need of an anti-aging transformation, our professionals can help you find the perfect fit.

The use of nano-needling in our advanced facials aid in creating micro-channels for deep delivery of concentrated ampoules. Enzyme masks and AHA peels are next in line to create healthy skin with faster cell turnover to completely restore your skin's texture + appearance.

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These ritual provide loosening of tight, overworked muscles with manual gestures + advanced techniques. Body treatments from all over the world have been studied to create an exclusive menu with options for each individual.

Experience complete relaxation while giving your skin the boost it needs for optimal holistic health. A thorough consultation prior to your service will help our therapist target your specific needs.

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If there's a luxury experience when it comes to hair removal, this is it. First, a gentle cleanse to ensure full root removal followed by an anti-microbial + anti-septic, soy wax. Bio-dynamic, plant-infused soothing + anti-inflammatory treatment is applied to combat redness.

Our trained professionals have had several hours of continued education + training to avoid hair breakage above the root.

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