our story

Kathleen + Kelley have been best friends for 19 years so when AGAPE ORGANIC SALON grew bigger than expected, Kathleen knew exactly who to call on-board! The co-ownership came together seamlessly.


With their individual strengths, they  took on the challenge head first to create the vision of a sustainable, organic, clean + airy salon atmosphere. The salon not only boasts toxic-free products, but toxic-free relationships within their staff as well.

We want you to leave feeling pampered + loved! This is the heart behind AGAPE.

Master stylist

A hair enthusiast, Jessica has spent over a decade perfecting her craft. Her resume boasts years of salon management as well as experience as a salon owner- but her real passion lies simply in having the opportunity to be creative every single day. 

Artistic, driven + people-oriented, Jess thrives on helping people achieve their hair goals. With advanced training in hair loss + scalp treatments, formal hairstyles + haircuts, she is able to take an innovative approach to her visions.

Her interest in an organic way of life grew after becoming a new mommy. Through cloth diapering, home-made baby food + care of skin ailments, her focus is on the absorption of chemicals through skin. OWAY's pure ingredients + AGAPE'S forerunner mentality aligns with her mantra of change.


Junior stylist/nail tech
master stylist

Michele has been practicing the art of hair for over a decade. Her spice for fun shines through her skill with her creative approach to a cut + color. Michele is passionate about making people feel their best + transforming outer beauty to match that within.


Michele excels in creative color, cuts, styles + treatments. She is certified in Twisted Fringe tape-in extensions + MalibuC Wellness Hair + Scalp System. She is THRILLED to offer OLAPLEX! She loves traveling to bridal parties, proms + other special occasions for on-site services.

Also styling in Cuyahoga Falls, she enjoys the opportunity to provide services to her hometown of Broadview Heights, as well! Michele lives with her devoted husband + two children + has fallen absolutely in love with OWAY + its holistic approach to the beauty industry.


tanning artist

The passion for hair has fueled Alyson her entire life. Having practiced the art for 5 years it has become her favorite creative outlet. She believes when a person looks their best, they feel their best. 


Her position behind the chair enables Alyson to create customized color, cuts + styles helping others see their own beauty. She loves advancing her craft through new techniques as well as using products that harmonize her passion for hair + passion for an organic way of life.


esthetician/Massage therapist

As a licensed esthetician of 19 years, Katey never stops looking for ways to advance her career. With a technical + detailed-oriented nature, she enjoys creating specialized skincare routines + services geared towards any skin ailment. Her expansive knowledge in skincare products + ingredients only add to her expertise.

Katey loves the pure + potent properties of the OWAY skincare line + understands the important role of using organic ingredients on our skin. Katey is an AVEDA BROWN graduate + holds many advanced certifications in her field.



If her heart leads, passion follows. There is nothing Kelley does without an all-in, positive, enthusiastic attitude. Her charisma for life is contageous. After years of searching for a career with meaning that is reflective of her adventurous + mindful lifestyle, the AGAPE opportunity presented itself.


A humanitarian at heart, she is now able to use her gift of bringing people together in order to grow a team of stylists that build each other up in at atmosphere of love. 

Owner of Ruby Martinez Beauty Co., Ruby has been glowing people up since 2017 + has been a licensed esthetician for more than 5 years. With a passion for helping women feel sexy, healthy + embracing their own confidence, it thrills her to match that inner glow with a gorgeous spray tan glow!

Ruby's eye for beauty isn't limited to an outward appearance. Her dedication to an active + healthy lifestyle has fueled her passion to teach other women to do the same.



Jocelyn's enthusiasm for living an organic lifestyle + leaving a lighter footprint is what brought her to AGAPE. Her inquisitive nature, perspective on life + strong intuition each perfectly reflect our vision. Her genuine interaction with those around her offer pure, refreshing vibes. 

She is eagerly learning + enjoying her journey into the next step of her career. With an optimistic view of what's to come, she foresees a possibility of skincare as a focus, but as her artistic spirit easily transitions from canvas to hair, a future of color specialist may be in line! 


"In the past thirteen years I have learned so much about the beauty industry! As hairstylists, keeping up on trends + technique is only the beginning.  We need to go even further with genuine interaction, the use of pure ingredients, + being responsible to the world we live in."

Kathleen takes a true holistic approach to her craft by creating a salon experience that goes far beyond aesthetic pleasure, into a realm of loving + transparent interactions.

With more than a decade of training, Kathleen has earned several advanced certifications in the areas of hair cutting, hair loss, corrective coloring, makeup, formal styling, scalp disorders + treatments, as well as organic hair color. She believes being heard, pampered + offering customized advice should be at the core of every service.

A proud member of Holistic Hair Tribe, she values the well-being of both her clients + our planet through use of the world's first professional hair color formulated with the highest concentration of organic, bio-dynamic + fair trade ingredients.