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Growing up in a world where small businesses are being largely developed, we see the importance of teaching entrepreneurship early on in life. Having a foundation in how business works while supporting creative outlets + a passion behind career choices, AGAPE KIDS was formed.

When Kathleen entered the busy season of creating AGAPE SALON, she wanted her kids to be right along side her. The idea that the whole family could go through the process of creating their own businesses together seemed like a great way to bond through the busy times.

The Stanley kids have learned about profit + loss, vendors, the cost of materials, seeking creative concepts + decision making. Through trial + error they were able to create their own line of homemade goods.

The ingredients used in AGAPE KIDS products are earth-friendly, hand-picked + eliminate toxicity in common luxury items.

  • Wicks made of 100% organic cotton

  • Organic soy wax

  • Organic + natural fragrances

  • Recycled amber glass jars

  • Long burn time

  • Organic + natural soap base

  • Rich butters for intense hydration

  • Organic oils

  • Food-grade colorants

  • Recyclable packaging

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