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You came into this field to do what you love but haven't found an atmosphere you vibe with. You want to feel valued and supported as you grow alongside a tribe of professionals who desire the same healthy work/life balance you crave.


                                      Agape exists for you.

          forced smiles.
   overwhelming shifts.
   fear in making mistakes.


Welcome to the tribe


We aspire to lessen the gap between employer and employee. We are a tribe of people with the same goal, helping each other build success. We’ve created an atmosphere where individual strengths don’t go unnoticed and individual needs don’t go unmet. This business is OUR business, and to this we attribute our success. Together, we are forerunners, changing the standards of the beauty industry.

LOVE through compassion.

TRANSPARENCY through genuine interaction.

UNITY that creates a sense of belonging and support

OPTIMISM based on opportunity and growth

STRUCTURE that builds trust within leadership


Promoting a salon culture is easy, but sustaining one is a different story. Our tribe is a group of people who uphold a welcoming and loving atmosphere. We won't settle for anything less.


Virtual business classes like Brand Building, Writing Your Own Paychecks, and The Guest Experience help keep retention rates high while social media training will help increase new guest count. You'll also get an online subscription to take lessons from top rated industry professionals.

Your education bank can gain up to $50/month and can be used for any class, with many choosing to use it for team learning trips.


Full-time artists receive accrued paid vacation days, while part-time and full-time tribe members enjoy flexibility to take sick days, mental-health days, extended maternity leave, or vacation. We offer flexible scheduling limiting requirements for evening and Saturday shifts. With higher benchmarks, you can expect to have most Saturdays off.

Health insurance

Health care coverage for Full-Time tribe members will be matched by 50%.

job security

Our leaders tirelessly strive to improve systems, client policies, benchmarks, marketing, website design, salon decor, and stay ahead of the fast-paced turns of the industry by researching salon trends and bringing innovative ideas.


Your base pay grows as you grow and ranges from $11-$20/hour. Our stylists typically take home commissions as it's higher than their base. We provide revenue profit commissions ranging from 44% to 50%, as well as a percentage of retail sales. For our most dedicated artists, we offer Partner Pay, which includes a 50% commission and 1% of total salon profits.

Additional pay

Earn an additional 2% revenue commission as your holiday bonus during November and December. You can also receive bonus incentives, which could potentially earn you an extra $1,500 per year. If you're an artist who enjoys educating others, you can earn a $40/hour bonus for teaching and demonstrating new skills learned through classes. Team Leaders have a unique pay structure that includes an increase in hourly wage and service commissions.

more benefits

You'll have access to free services, discounts for family, and products at our cost with an additional yearly spending allowance of up to $150/year. Additionally, professional photoshoots/video shoots will be scheduled at least once a year.

Still can't decide?

Check out our career-inspired Instagram page
or DM a tribe member and ask them why they love their job.

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