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Dry Brushing: Do It or Ditch It?

What is it?

Dry brushing, AKA Garshana, is a form of exfoliation using a firm bristled brush. Used on the entire body for overall wellness and beauty, this practice dates back to Ancient Egypt and is commonly known for being used in Aryuvedic medicine. A dry brush can be made of boar bristles, or vegetable and plant fibers. While there are synthetic materials that can be used for a dry brush – it’s best to stick with natural fibers.

What Does it Do?

With firm pressure, a dry brush will exfoliate any dead skin cells on the surface. This allows pores to clear resulting in detoxified skin. Also, with correct brushing movements, blood circulation will increase - promoting lymphatic flow. Lymph is the extra fluid in our body waiting to be released and this practice will help speed up the process. Not only does getting rid of extra lymph make us feel better, it also helps us look better too! Dry brushing mixed with your favorite body oil/lotion will give you a glow like no other (inside and out)!

So... Do It or Ditch It?

From my professional and personal POV, my recommendation is DO IT! No one's ever complained about soft, supple, and healthy skin! This ritual takes 5 minutes of your day - best done right before the shower. However, if you experience sensitized skin - this may not be the best option for you.

Not sure how to perform dry brushing? Come visit me at Agape Salon and Spa! Our Detox + Renew service will be your holy grail!

xo, Cydney

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