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The heart behind agape

When Agape grew bigger than expected, owner, Kathleen Stanley knew she had to do something different. After a year of growth in a studio rental, the salon moved into its own space October 2019 where the full vision could thrive.

The salon boasts a clean-air environment, leaving behind the chemical-filled atmosphere found in most beauty establishments. Using products with the highest standards + biodynamic ingredients allows the air surrounding staff + guests to maintain a fresh, crisp presence, just like nature intended.

The now airy + raw atmosphere provides sustainable + organic services to the small Cleveland suburb. The focus of the salon + spa is not only to boast toxic-free products, but toxic-free relationships within the staff as well. The priority of creating a healthy work environment lends itself to a devoted tribe of cosmetologists + estheticians. With the typical aura of competition + pressure removed, creativity flourishes behind the chair.

With Love as its cornerstone, this is the heart behind Agape.

Be a part of changing the standards in the beauty industry.

Join the tribe

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A hair enthusiast, Jessica has spent over a decade perfecting her craft. Her resume boasts years of salon management as well as experience as a salon owner- but her real passion lies simply in having the opportunity to be creative every single day. 

Artistic, driven + people-oriented, Jess thrives on helping people achieve their hair goals. With training in hair loss + scalp disorders, advanced certifications in organic coloring, + continued education in formal styles + textured hair, she is able to take an innovative approach to her visions.

Her forerunner mentality started with her son's dietary adjustments + skin care needs. The focus now extends to omitting harmful chemicals all around her aligning with her mantra for change.

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The passion for hair has fueled Alyson her entire life. Having been fully immersed in the professional beauty industry for the past 9 years has only spun more desire to propel her favorite creative outlet.


Alyson believes when a person looks their best, they feel their best. The importance she places on obtaining advanced certificates + training in the field lends itself to a solid foundation to help propel her beliefs. 


Her educated position behind the chair enables Alyson to create customized color, cuts + styles while helping others see their own beauty. She loves pushing her skills through new techniques + utilizes her passion for a healthy lifestyle to harmonize her craft with her beliefs.

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Emily came to AGAPE with a fire that just won't quit. Her warm + genuine personality, undeniable creative skills + humility to continue learning is what truly sets her apart.

Having been in the field for over 6 years, Emily already hosts the skillset of a seasoned stylist but continues her eagerness to learn more. Through meshing her previous knowledge with  advanced techniques, she offers fresh services to everyone she serves.

Emily's focus is always on you. Her caring nature makes you feel like you've known her for years. Every thought + detail within her art is catered specifically to your desired goals.

Specializing in fantasy color + aesthetic services, she believes that every service offered, big + small, is a means to helping you feel your best.

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In 4 short years, Hannah has worked her way from an intern, studying under one of the top salons in Colulmbus, Ohio, to an artist who specializes in blonding. Natural talent on her side, her focus on hair color has propelled her in the industry. She loves offering custom colors for her guests, creating beautiful lived-in blondes while carefully crafting even the brightest of blondes. Her obsession for all things color has allowed her to deliver gorgeous dimension to all shades + textures of hair. While blondes, brunettes, balayage + highlighting are her passion, she believes great color can only be accentuated by an amazing haircut.

Hannah prides herself on staying up to date on current trends + enjoys learning new techniques. She believes her time spent behind the chair has the ability to positively impact the self-esteem of those she has the honor to serve.

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Michele has been practicing the art of hair as an independent stylist for over a decade. Her spice for fun shines through her creative approach to cuts + color.  She is passionate about making people feel their best + transforming their outer beauty to match that within.


Michele excels in creative color, cuts + formal styles. With her impressive focus on continuing education, she holds several advanced certifications like Twisted Fringe extensions, Oleplex hair treatments + Malibu makeovers.  She thrives during special event services like weddings + proms while traveling often to meet her client's needs.

In keeping the tradition of a holistic lifestyle, she's mastered the delicate balance of home + work. The opportunity of providing services to her hometown as well as the importance of being a dedicated wife + mom excites her.

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Kathleen takes a true holistic approach to her craft by creating a salon experience that goes far beyond aesthetic pleasure + into a realm of loving, transparent interactions.


Kathleen's spirituality is the fire behind her goal in creating a salon that is different from the rest. She believes that keeping up on trends + technique is only the beginning. Her experience has taught her that stylists have the ability to touch people's lives on a deep level. With genuine interaction, using products we can stand behind + being responsible to the world we live in, we can change the standards of the beauty industry on all levels.

Kathleen has earned several advanced certifications in the areas of hair cutting, hair loss, corrective coloring, makeup, formal styling, scalp disorders + treatments, along with becoming an organic hair color specialist. She believes being heard, pampered + offering customized advice should be at the core of every service.


Our extended tribe begins here. Although Independent Artists are independent, they operate their business from the clean-air workspace of Agape. They have their own products, services, standards and pricing structure. These tribe members offer exceptional services.

artist tier level 


Apprentices are awaiting their license or are newly licensed. They assist and receive hands-on training under the guidance of seasoned artists. They offer reduced priced services only as their training allows. Color services provided are formulated with an advanced artist.


This artist is performing work at Agape standards. They have been licensed for 1-3 years and continue to take education classes. They have extensive knowledge in the products we use and are able to make suggestions based on your specific needs. They also assist and observe advanced stylists.


Artists who have worked behind the chair for 4+ years and consistently deliver exceptional services and customer satisfaction. They meet high standards by taking advanced classes while providing you a thorough guide to achieve and maintain your specific goals. They also may be assisted while offering services.


Our most experienced artists with 5+ years of licensure are leaders within Agape and are highest in demand. They meet benchmarks of quality service and continue to take advanced classes while providing you with a thorough guide to achieve and maintain your specific goals. They may have an artist assisting with your service.
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