the heart behind agape

A clean-air salon + spa offering the purest beauty products possible. Our mission to create a green, sustainable, organic salon is upheld by offering the world's first luxury organic hair care products. OWAY, short for Organic Way, starts on an organic farm in Balogna, Italy.  Harvested without the use of heavy machinery, OWAY products maintain their purity + are picked at their prime bringing us ingredients that are packed with powerful minerals + antioxidants. 


AGAPE promises to reflect the pureness of these products within it's salon atmosphere. AGAPE means love. In fact, it's the type of love we, as humans, are unable to reach- love at it's purest form. We, as at team, strive to love each other + our guests like this. 


We invite you to join us in our intention to cultivate this type of atmosphere.

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