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How To Find Your Perfect Hair Color

Updated: Apr 25, 2023


Everyone wants to be trendy + jump on the latest bandwagon, but before you go toning your luscious golden blonde locks with that trendy ashy blonde hue, let's check in with your undertones first. It's important to know your undertones so that you can choose the best hair color for you!

UNDERTONES BASED ON... Jewelry: If silver really brightens you up you're probably one cool cat. Gold looks more radiant on warm undertones.

Sun effect: How your skin reacts to the sun is a good indication of how well that new copper red hair color you've been wanting will actually look on you.

If your skin turns pink from the sun's rays, a cool undertone may be to blame. Get a golden-brown glow on a sunny day? You're probably on the warm side.

Eye Color: It's said that eyes are the windows to our heart. I believe it's from your mouth that the heart is seen + the eyes are more like windows to our UNDERTONES!

Check them out for yourself! If you see a lot of greens and blues, cool. If oranges, reds, + gold tones are present, warm.

Veins: Look at the veins in your wrist. If they look blue, it's likely you have cool undertones. See more green? Probably warm.


What's the perfect shade of them all? Well, there's not... unless you're blessed enough to fall into the neutral undertone category where just about any color suits you.

If you have cool undertones with fair skin + a muted, monochromatic palette is pleasing to your eye then an ashy blonde may be your thing. Feel like your hair color is drowning you out? You may benefit from a warm hue that really pops like copper red, strawberry blonde, or golden blonde.

Are you blonde but keep feeling like your hair looks too dark? Ashy hues tend to feel darker than warm. A simple toner may be all you need!

There are thousands of hair color hues, color combinations, and application techniques to play around with. Next time your locks need a pick-me-up, booking a fifteen minute consultation with your stylist will make a big difference!

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