Why choose Oway...

In a world with endless options, we know it’s important to pick the right one. Honestly, these days, who has the time to research? Good news- we do! That’s why we use Oway.


It didn’t happen overnight. Here at Agape, we have been in the industry for over 15 years, and have learned a LOT! We have used a wide range of products, and have met (and kept!) a wide range of of clients. We are constantly looking for the best of the best to provide for our best (that’s you 😉). Finally, we discovered Oway, and fell in love! We promise you will too... here’s why!

Organic. Sustainable. Luxury.

Need we say more? Well of course we do! Why? Because there is so much more to know!

Organic Way (Oway) is the first professional hair color, care, and styling line with biodynamic, organic, and fair-trade ingredients. Wait, let's go back to that word..."biodynamic". Biodynamic is actually a step above organic. Offering cruelty free ways; ensuring soil fertility to grow the strongest and purest plants and creating a self-sustaining and environmentally responsible way of harvesting. Biodynamic farming ensures the most eco-friendly and ethical method of harvesting ingredients. That’s a lot of like REALLY crazy awesome words.

Oway has become recognizable for it's sustainable ways. At Agape, their 100% infinitely recyclable glass and aluminum packaging have become a staple, basically a fashion statement. They’re just as beautiful as they are useful! We reuse these gorgeous bottles for everything we possibly can- soap dispensers, plant holders, candles.

Fun fact: our candles are made in-house from scratch by the children of the owners at Agape- all proceeds go towards savings for the future of the little loves🤍. We love these amber glass bottles, and you will, too!

Oh, did we mention we offer a refill program? You will get 10% off refills of select products when you bring back your original amber glass bottle to refill it with these luxury products!

Speaking of luxury

So, what makes this line luxury? Let me tell you... one word (or place): OrtOfficina

Allow me to explain-


•50,000 SQM farm •Rolling hills of Bologna, Italy

•Chemical-free farmland

•Family owned

•Biodynamic botanicals and essential oils

•Free from pesticides, solvents, and polluting machinery

Now that you know why we use Oway, come check it out for yourself, and get immersed into a full on sensory experience at Agape 💚 We can’t wait to meet you !

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