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Three New Trend Tips from GenZ

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Hey there you....yeah you! I know what you're thinking: what could GenZ know about trending fashions that Facebook hasn’t already told us? Well, here’s your first hint; Facebook is so last decade!! If you want the latest on what’s trending, keep reading....or you can download TicTak or Snapple Chat or ....ya know it’d probably just be easier to keep reading!

New Ideas for Nails

According to the latest (and I mean like JUST last week) I was informed by my very personal source that matte top coats for nails are everything “rn” (ps, that stands for “right now”). We’re loving it because it’s new and different. You can choose to do all your nails with the matte top coat, or maybe even just an accent nail! Either way, salon goers of all ages are loving this new trend!

(Wanna give it a try? Book now with Alyson)

History Repeats Itself

Remember the 80’s? I’m pretty sure we could make movies and write songs + books about that crazy decade, oh wait... we did! Well, as we all know history repeats itself, + fashion is not left out! The shag is back and here to stay! Now, think Stevie Nicks kind of hair. This is not a mullet, I repeat, this is not a mullet! A shag hair cut is refreshing, and beautiful! You have to be committed to styling however, otherwise it can end up looking...well looking bad.

Say Goodbye to the Side Part

One very important fashion trend GenZ wants the world to know is : Side parts make us look old! According to the up + coming generation middle parts are the only reasonable option for hair. Here at Agape... we say rock what ya want!

Beauty trends are always changing and we happen to think they can be difficult to keep up on. That's where our team can help! If you're not sure which trends would work for you and which ones are most important to follow, stop in and just ask! Better yet, book a consultation with one of our beauty professionals so we can analyze your specific needs and fill you in on where to go and what needs to be left in the past.

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