Wrapping Up the Latest Beauty Trend

Updated: May 13

You may have heard of the latest trend in the beauty industry... body wraps! If you aren’t familiar with them, I’m here to give you the basics so you can see for yourself why our clients can't get enough of them!

Lessen the Visibility of Cellulite

Don’t misunderstand that, there is no magic wrap that is going to make you instantly lose 10 pounds and all your cellulite disappears. HOWEVER, the good news is this; with our Lypolytic Booster (providing a reducing and resculpting effect with the help of Pink Pepper) we can help reduce the visibility of cellulite and possibly even help you lose a few pounds of excess water weight. Wraps are a great option to prep for a special day... like a wedding or vacation!

Combat Signs of Aging

Health and beauty go hand in hand in finding that “fountain of youth”. With proper exercise and diet you can get there! Another “fountain of youth” factor? Upkeep on skincare regimens! Our Plumping Booster provides a toning and firming body concentrate with organic green coffee and not only do we use this liquid gold I'm our treatments, but they're available to take home as well. This ritual would be most beneficial for those looking to reduce visible signs of aging.

Exfoliate and Circulate

This part is my personal favorite! With the use of dry brushing using skilled gestures this step of the ritual increases circulation + preps the skin for better absorption of skin-repairing ingredients. Immediately following is an elixir infused with alpha hydroxy which stimulate collagen synthesis.


The above mentioned exfoliating rids the skin of dead cells and other excess, offering a fresh pallet for complete moisture absorption. Oway’s Velvet Body Fluid, leaves the skin feeling smooth and nourished. Alone with the finishing step we soothe your lips with a repairing lip balm for a full body experience.

Entice All 5 Senses

When you book a body wrap you are setting up for an immersive experience. Walking into the spa room you will be greeted with a light aromatic scent while hearing relaxing sounds specific to our body rituals. You will then be invited to sit and relax while your feet soak in a basin filled with warm invigorating water, topped off with rose petals rich in vitamins A, E and C. The purifued, secluded room will be glowing with Himalayan salt lamps, and you will be offered a cool, crisp, ice water. Ahhhh, now all your senses have been immersed and you are relaxed and ready to be wrapped!

That’s a Wrap!

We look forward to wrapping with ya!

Interested in learning more about the wraps we offer, click here!

There are a couple reminders when booking a wrap:

-It is an experience in which the technician gets quite close and personal

-Bring an extra pair of intimates (yours may get a little damp from the wraps)

- Your level of comfortability is our priority, if you're uncomfortable at any moment, we can easily adjust!

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