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Customized Skincare at Home

Updated: Apr 25

Finding the most beneficial routine for your skin type can be a challenge. Between all the different cleansers, moisturizers, + masks; how do you know where to start? Leave it to the pros. Whether your concern is sensitivities, oily skin, dry skin, redness, aging, whatever it is, we have what you need! More than that, we are here to answer any questions you have to help you find the perfect fit.

Your skincare routine should include the following steps:

  1. Cleanse

  2. Re-Mineralize

  3. Moisturize

  4. Face

  5. Eyes

  6. Add-Ons

  7. Masks

  8. Boosters

  9. Purify + Illuminate


STEP 1: Cleanser

First you will want to choose a cleanser. Currently, Oway offers two facials cleansers.

To Use: Apply to your face in the morning + evening; lather, gently massage into skin, then rinse with warm water.

Contains: biodynamic walnut

Perfect Skin Cleansing Cream:

-Dry skin types

-Sensitive skin types

-Mature skin types

-Contains: organic chia, ethically produced pataua, + plant of beauty

Detox Body Bath:

-All skin types

-Oily skin types

-Contains: organic echinacea, ethically produced violet rice, + alpine skullcap

STEP 2: Re-mineralizing

Next, we recommend a toner. Oway's de-stress tonic potion is a toner which also acts as a light lotion adding brightness to the complexion + produces a thin layer of hydration to the skin.

To Use: Apply in the morning + evening after cleansing.

Contains: biodynamic walnut, organic echinacea, ethically produced violet rice, + alpine skullcap

De-stress Tonic Potion:

-All skin types

STEP 3: Moisturizing

Once the skin has been cleansed + re-mineralized, it is time to moisturize.

To Use: Apply moisturizer in the morning + evening to a clean, dry face.

Contains: biodynamic walnut, organic chia, + ethically produced pataua

Awakening Face Moisturizer:

-All skin types

-Contains 3D sugars

Radiance Face Balm:

-Dry Skin

-Mature Skin

-Contains plant of beauty


Miracle Eye Complex:

-All skin types

-Use morning + evening

-Contains anti-fatigue concentrate

Additional Nourishment

When you are looking for something more, we recommend adding a mask into your routine. To Use: Apply mask after the toner + before the moisturizer, + should be left on for 10-15 minutes, then rinsed thoroughly with warm water.

Contains: biodynamic walnut, + organic chia

Calming Face Mask:

-All skin types

-Sensitive skin types

-Contains love puff plant + ethically produced green clay

Age Defying Face Mask:

-All skin types

-Mature Skin

-Contains ethical pataua + bulbine frutescens

Boosted Treatments:

In addition to traditional moisturizers, Oway offers ultra concentrated face treatments. These are to be used to target specific ailments which occur due to natural causes.

To use: Apply 3-4 drops on face + massage until completely absorbed; can be combined with radiance face balm.

Replumping Booster:

-Replumping + restorative


-All skin types

Tone + Lift Booster:

-Firms + Lifts

-All skin types

Purify + Illuminate

Glowing Face Gommage:

To use: apply to clean, dry face; avoiding eye area, massage lightly, let sit for up to 10 minutes, then wet fingertips and massage again, rinse thoroughly.

-All skin types

-Delicate skin

-Micro-exfoliation + brightening

-Contains alpine willowherb

Beautifying Body Peeling:

To use: apply to face for a deeper exfoliation with detox body bath for oily skin, or fabulous body oil for dry skin.

-All skin types

-Dry skin

-Rough skin

-Smoothing + revitalizing

-Contains green clay + pink grape sugar

Phew! That was A TON of info! Don't worry, were here for you. Come check us out in person + we would be happy to address any questions or concerns! Stop in or order Online and apply code HHT1099 for a $5 discount on your next online OWAY order!

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