Customized Skincare at Home

Finding the most beneficial routine for your skin type can be a challenge. Between all the different cleansers, moisturizers, + masks; how do you know where to start? Leave it to the pro's...whether your concern may be sensitivities, oily/dry skin, redness, aging, etc. we have what you need! More than that, we are here to answer any questions you have to help you find the perfect fit.

STEP 1: Cleanser

First you will want to choose a cleanser. Currently, OWAY offers two facials cleansers. These should be applied to your face in the morning + evening; lather, gently massage into skin, then rinse with warm water.

Contains: biodynamic walnut

Perfect Skin Cleansing Cream:

-Dry skin types

-Sensitive skin types

-Mature skin types

-Contains: organic chia, ethically produced pataua, + plant of beauty

Detox Body Bath:

-All skin types

-Oily skin types

-Contains: organic echinacea, ethically produced violet rice, + alpine skullcap

STEP 2: Re-mineralizing

Next, we recommend a toner. OWAY's de-stress tonic potion is a toner which also acts as a light lotion adding brightness to the complexion + produces a thin layer of hydration to the skin. It should be used in the morning + evening after cleansing. This product is great for all skin types.

Contains: biodynamic walnut, organic echinacea, ethically produced violet rice, + alpine skullcap

STEP 3: Moisturizing

Once the skin has been cleansed + re-mineralized, it is time to moisturize. It is suggested to apply moisturizer in the morning + evening to a clean, dry face.

Contains: biodynamic walnut, organic chia, + ethically produced pataua

Awakening Face Moisturizer:

-All skin types

-Contains 3D sugars

Radiance Face Balm:

-Dry Skin

-Mature Skin

-Contains plant of beauty

BONUS MOISURTIZER- Miracle Eye Complex:

-All skin types

-Use morning + evening

-Contains anti-fatigue concentrate

Additional Nourishment

When you are looking for something more, we recommend adding a mask into your routine. The mask should be applied after the toner + before the moisturizer, + should be left on for 10-15 minutes, then rinsed thoroughly with warm water.

Contains: biodynamic walnut, + organic chia

Calming Face Mask:

-All skin types

-Sensitive skin types

-Contains love puff plant + ethically produced green clay

Age Defying Face Mask:

-All skin types

-Mature Skin

-Contains ethical pataua + bulbine frutescens

Boosted Treatments:

In addition to traditional moisturizers, Oway offers ultra concentrated face treatments. These are to be used to target specific ailments which occur due to natural causes. To use: apply 3-4 drops on face + massage until completely absorbed; can be combined with radiance face balm.

Replumping Booster:

-Replumping + restorative


-All skin types

Regenerating Booster

-Revitalizing + protective

-Physalis angulata

-All skin types

-Sensitive skin

Purify + Illuminate

Glowing Face Gommage:

To use: apply to clean, dry face; avoiding eye area, massage lightly, let sit for up to 10 minutes, then wet fingertips and massage again, rinse thoroughly.

-All skin types

-Delicate skin

-Micro-exfoliation + brightening

-Contains alpine willowherb

Beautifying Body Peeling:

To use: apply to face for a deeper exfoliation with detox body bath for oily skin, or fabulous body oil for dry skin.

-All skin types

-Dry skin

-Rough skin

-Smoothing + revitalizing

-Contains green clay + pink grape sugar

Phew! That was A TON of info! Don't worry, were here for you. Come check us out in person + we would be happy to address any questions or concerns! The best part is....mention this article + receive 15% off any of the products mentioned above!

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