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How Salt Spray Can Be Your Secret Weapon

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Ahhh, Sea Salt Spray... the name alone makes you feel refreshed! As one of the most common hair care products out there, you're probably already reaping the benefits of this mineral-packed mega product. It's definitely the easiest way to give your hair that messy “beachy" style, but did you know salt spray has many more hidden tricks?

If your hair is fine or thin, adding salt spray can give you that va-va-boom you've always craved. Add a few squirts before blow drying to diffuse the magic into every strand. Try it as a finishing product for added volume + the perfect amount of hold.

Here's another added feature- it works better than dry shampoo in soaking up extra oils in your hair! Don't worry, sea salt spray isn't usually made from sea salt but usually Epsom salt, so it doesn't leave your hair dry + damaged. Try adding some before bed + transform your second-day hair into "I just got a blow-out" hair with zero effort.

Ready for an added bonus? It can replace your root boosting product! Seriously, this stuff is gold.

Need it? Want it? Must Have it Now?!?! Pick some up at AGAPĒ SALON!

Oway Sea Salt Spray is (as always) natural and organic, free of PARABENS / PETROLATUM / PEG, PG & BBG / EDTA / SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE / ARTIFICIAL COLORANTS.

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