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Herbs + Clay Deep Cleansing Scalp Treatment

Updated: Apr 25


Ever wonder what to do about oily hair? When your hair gets oily fast but other times becomes dry or even brittle, a scalp balance is likely what you need. When a client describes their hair as oily the first thing we need to do is look into the “root” of the problem. A healthy scalp equals the ability to grow healthy hair!

An Herbs + Clay treatment is an easy way to get the balance your scalp needs. Proven better over time, AGAPE ORGANIC SALON offers these treatments as a single service or in a bundle to better suit your needs.



Biodynamic savory - Rich in tannins, it has a strengthening action on the hair bulb. It’s a powerful antioxidant and helps to prevent + counteract damage caused by free radicals.

Organic horsetail - Re-mineralizing + strengthening, it increases scalp and hair elasticity. Stimulates + tones the scalp to counteract hair loss.

Fair-trade Amazonian pink clay - Rich in minerals and microminerals (copper, selenium, magnesium, zinc + manganese), it helps the scalp maintain its equilibrium. Gently removes residues + regulates sebum production.

Soap nut - Fruit of a tree that lives in tropical climates, soap nuts contain saponin, a very powerful, disinfectant + antibacterial natural cleansing substance. Gives natural shine to hair.

  • Clients who want to strengthen + balance scalp.

  • A pre-treatment for a Hair-Loss, Rebalancing or Purifying Treatment.

*Not for those with extremely sensitive skin.


Gently + effectively cleanses hair + scalp from impurities + product accumulation while oxygenating without using chemical agents. Leaves hair soft + moisturized, without needing to apply a conditioning treatment. Through micronation of the ingredients, it performs a slight peeling on the scalp, promoting its delicate renewal.


- As a stand-alone treatment, once a month.

- Use as a pre-treatment to other Oway treatments (like Oway Hair Loss Treatment)

Want to get under the 200x microscope to see the root of the problem yourself? Schedule a consultation today!

Not sure which treatment is right for you? Read about your options here.

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