OWAY Rebalancing Treatment

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Ever feel like no matter how often you wash your hair and no matter how hard you scrub your scalp you still just don’t get the “squeaky clean” feeling your after? Harsh shampoos that offer a “hair detox” or “clarifying” results can often lead to even more problems with their tough ingredients. Bathing your hair in alcohol WILL NOT HELP! Sure, you may get that “squeaky clean” feeling (along with dry, brittle ends, color loss and severe scalp irritation) but the bigger problem will never be solved using these types of clarifiers!

Rebalancing an oily scalp takes work. It takes a commitment of using the correct haircare regime and products tailored for YOUR specific scalp needs. Guess what else it takes!? Trips to the salon. Somewhere down the line we have adjusted to at-home remedies to solve all of our ailments. Listen, as a self-proclaimed hippie-hairstylist, I am no stranger to dumping raw eggs, mayonnaise, olive oil, coconut, milk, dawn dish soap, and even BREASTMILK on my dark locks in attempt to make my hair healthier. BUT- sometimes hair health is best left to the professionals!

The Rebalancing Treatment brings normality back to your scalp by GENTLY removing excess sebum leaving behind perfectly purified hair. White Amazon Clay, using absorbing and astringent properties, is used to detox the scalp in combination with the stimulating and normalizing properties found in Sage. What makes the treatment healing as opposed to a “quick fix”? Bugbane, a vegetable extract that inhibits the enzymes responsible for the hyper production of sebum helps to ensure your scalp stays balanced even after your treatments.


White Amazon Clay - Rebalancing clay for greasy and heavy hair and scalp with excessive sebaceous secretion absorbing sebum and impurities while eliminating toxins and unpleasant scalp odors.

Pure Sage - From biodynamic farming, Pure Sage reactivates peripheral micro-circulation, restoring the sebaceous balance.

Ethical Teak - Strengthens hair structure. Antibacterial properties.

Ethical Mahogany - Antiseptic and astringent for the skin, invigorating and energizing for the hair.

Organic Euphrasia Extract – Carries out a softening, invigorating, astringent, and anti-inflammatory action, particularly indicated for the treatment of sensitive skin.

Organic Euphrasia Extract – Actively contrasts sebaceous hyperactivity inhibiting the action of the enzyme responsible for the overproduction of sebum.


1. Hereditary factors

2. Seasonal changes

3. Hormonal factors

4. Stress

HOW OFTEN (may vary):

- Six in-salon bi-weekly treatments

- One treatment every 5-6 months as a follow-up


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- Sebum Balancing Hair Bath

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