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The Skinny On Scalp Treatments

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

scalp issues


Much of our beauty routine includes facial cleansers, toners, moisturizers, + exfoliants. We exfoliate the skin on our face + body to remove the outer layer of dull, dry skin so that fresh new skin hiding underneath can be brought to the surface. Hurray for cell turnover and microcirculation! Many of us are so regimented about this beauty routine that we vow to exfoliate every Sunday! (Someone please tell me they do this, too!) Every single cell in every nook + cranny gets quickened into cell turnover.


Feeling a bit brighter after our Sunday night ritual, our smile fades because it feels like SOMETHING is missing. SOMETHING is feeling left out. SOMETHING is not getting the time it deserves. We scratch our heads trying to figure it out. That’s right!! Our SCALP! Our scalp needs love, too! Why do we feel that a weekly sugar scrub, nightly facial exfoliant, + our bi-weekly meeting with the foot file should have the highest priorities? Our scalp is SCREAMING for attention… + it deserves it. Our scalp boasts the highest number of blood vessels than any other area in your body and it’s LOADED with nerve endings + oil glands.

In my many years of doing hair, I have never met anybody with healthy hair that didn’t have a healthy scalp. And I have never met anybody with a healthy scalp that didn’t have a clean scalp. It’s so important to take that extra step when it comes to the health of your scalp because all too often, I have clients coming in with hair loss concerns, flaky scalps, excess sebum + irritation that could have been avoided. Scalp issues can arise from a number of factors, including product buildup, aggressive cleansing, pollution + environmental aggressors, heat from thermal tools, yucky chemicals in hair color + products (like these) + the like. Many of these issues, if left untreated, can cause a life-long imbalance that will leave your scalp screaming + your hair falling out.


At AGAPE ORGANIC SALON, before we do your hair, we are looking at your scalp. With the help of a 300x microscope lens your scalp issues have no where to hide. If your excess sebum is clogging your hair follicles + causing hair loss, we can see it. If scales of dandruff cover your hair follicles + is causing hair loss, we can see it. If irritation is causing severe itching and sensitivity, we will be able to see the redness. AGAPE is now offering specialized treatments for each individual scalp ailment.

Want to learn more about these natural scalp treatments? We will be discussing each treatment in detail throughout the next few weeks. In the meantime, CHECK OUT THE SERVICES PAGE to see what we have to offer + book your consultation with a stylist today!


For Dull, Lifeless Hair- Deep Detox Cleanser:

For Dry + Oily Dandruff:


For Excess Oil:

For Sensitive, Red, Irritated Skin/Scalp:

For Hair Loss:
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