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Updated: Apr 25, 2023

After 3 years of wishing, 6 months of thinking, + 2 months of pen to paper, I'm finally doing it!

About 5 years ago I started a small studio salon in West Unity, Ohio. Ever hear of West Unity? It's ok, you're not alone. There's more cows than there are stop signs + enough grain fields to feed every animal on the planet. While I enjoyed learning the ways of small town living, there was always a deep desire to come back home to Cleveland. It's where I grew up! Cleveland always had my heart, + my husband's heart, too!

Moving back it took a long time to find a salon where I felt welcomed. I never really had that "Salon Tribe" people talk about- + there's a good chance it was just me... The desire to once again own a business became stronger than ever.

Having had worked for AVEDA for 3 years I knew I couldn't go back to chemical-filled products + hair color that would slowly but surely bring on a whole BUNCH of problems- respiratory issues, chemical absorption, bleach allergies, + not to mention dull and lifeless hair!

Being that AGAPE SALON is a one-woman show, AVEDA would not be willing to stock my studio with their amazing products. So I did what any successful, self-employed, big dream woman would do. I Googled. I researched for 22 hours just to find a product line I wouldn't have to "settle" with. I have high standards! You should too. In all my research I finally found Oway.

Oway is based out of Italy. The company has THOUSANDS + THOUSANDS + THOUSANDS of acres with one sole purpose- to harvest their own natural plants + herbs in order to ensure the highest quality ingredients any color line has ever seen. They go so far as to distill their own essential oils from the plants that grow on this MASSIVE organic farm. And wanna know what they do when environment doesn't allow growth of an ingredient they need? They work with small tribes of people to make sure the ingredients are harvested to perfection. In doing this, these people are able to make enough money to keep their land that so often carries threat of being stolen from them. Pretty awesome, huh?

Did I mention Oway is ammonia free? Cruelty free? These biodynamic ingredients were EXACTLY what I was looking for. It's kind of like AVEDA... but you know what? It's better.

Try it out for yourself! These color services should be called color TREATMENTS. The ultra luxurious, thick, illipè butter filled products are jam packed with nutrients your hair thirsts for! Witness the shine, the silkiness, and feel the hydration.

Oway - short for Organic Way - are the pioneers of natural hair products. They've been doing it sense before it was cool. Try it out! It'll be love at first amber-bottle sight!

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