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5 Commonly Asked Questions About Hair

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Being a hairstylist is the most rewarding job! We get to turn frizzy hair into silk, add unbelievable volume to limp strands, give you that new haircut you can't stop showing off and help boost your confident before that 20 year class reunion comes. Yup, this job definitely has it's perks!

One thing I enjoy most is answering your beauty questions! You know which ones I'm talking about- like when you realize you forgot how much Shaping Putty you were supposed to use (was it a pea size or dime size?) or when you try out your new Microstimulating Hair Bath (did she say this was supposed to tingle?) or how about the never ending, "should I get bangs" saga.

We all have questions. Don't ever be scared to ask!

Here's 5 of the most commonly asked hair questions:

1. "Do you think a color care shampoo really makes a difference?"

Here's the thing... seriously... I WOULD NOT recommend product if didn't think you would benefit from it! If you still don't believe me here's some science!

Fantasy Colors- Pinks, greens + blues usually don't come in permanent options. It may take several applications to make the vibrancy last more than a few weeks. Extra hair care will be super important if you want those colors to pop!

Reds- While rich + eye-catching, red hair color molecules are larger than average so they don't absorb as well into the hair. When those molecules make their way onto your white pillowcase or the collar of your brand new white oxford, you'll be left wishing you spent the extra $$$ on that Color Protection Hair Bath!

Washing- Hot water opens up the cuticle layer making those oh-so-desired molecules loosen up. Next time leave the steam session for the sauna and try out a 20 minute Color Refresher to keep those crazy molecules under control.

2. "How often should I come in?"

Healthy hair grows at an average of 1/2" per month. Colored hair should be touched up between 4-6 weeks although some come back as early as three! It just depends on you + your hair.

Ever notice your bangs seem to be growing faster or your short hair style getting heavy quickly? How about your husband who insists on bi-weekly trips to the barber (please tell me mine's not the only one!!)? Shorter hair doesn't grow at faster rates, you'll just notice it sooner. Rule of thumb is every 6-8 weeks for trims, + more like 4-5 for shorter styles.

3. "Is it bad to wash my hair every day?"

I'm not sure where this idea came from. I have never seen a healthy scalp without it being clean! Yes, washing your hair can be drying if you're using hair care products that are filled with harsh chemicals and alcohols but with gentle products drying + irritation shouldn't be a problem.

If you just can't imagine daily washing + every other day is more your style, then carry on, girl! Every other day gives enough time for natural oils to do their hydrating job but not too much time that your scalp is getting itchy from sebum buildup causing flakes. (Check out how we can help your scalp)

Maybe your hair is thick enough that you can push your way onto day three! Tottttttallllllly jealous. Try some Sea Salt Spray on your roots to give a little boost + soak up some extra oils (click here to find out about this secret weapon).

4. "How do I fix hair that goes limp?"

While I've had years to practice the art of blow drying, there's some tricks you can try at home. The biggest, most helpful, simplest, magical, + amazing trick?? Are you ready for this??? PRODUCT! Again, I WOULD NOT recommend product that you wouldn't benefit from! Try Flux Potion- it's liquid gold. Flux has enough hold to keep your style fabulous all day but still leaves your hair soft enough to twist around your fingers.

One more culprit... damaged hair. Over-processed hair tends to lack keratin- the protein that makes up those beautiful locks. If your keratin is lacking, you curls will be lacking. Try a Rebuilding Hair Treatment or Keratin Treatment to add back some of that much needed bounce! (click here to schedule a treatment)

5. "I'm trying to grow my hair, should I cut it?"

Yup! No one wants long, unhealthy hair. Removing 1/4 inch every 7 weeks or so will work wonders. Do the math: 1/2" of growth/month minus 1/4" every 7 months equals 1/2" growth for every month and a half. Beautiful, healthy, shiny, manageable growth!

Got any more burning questions? Don't ever be scared to ask! Schedule a consultation to have all your burning questions answered!

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