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Curly Hair, Don't Care

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

How Jessica became our "curly hair specialist".

Not all salons can boast they have one, which is why we consider ourselves to be lucky. Read on to hear all about how our Master Stylist, Jessica, came into this sought after title.

"Um. It kinda just happened. LOL!"; Jessica's response when she was asked how she came to earn the a sub-title of "curly hair specialist".

While it seems to have "just happened", there MAY have been a few stepping stones that paved the path! Jessica has been with Agape since day one, + was quickly recognized by our clients for her talents in many corners of the industry. That being said, her referrals started pouring in.

"Honestly I got one curly hair client and then it just kinda blossomed from there."

Word of mouth is one of the most affective marketing forms, especially in this industry. That ONE curly hair client that Jessica had, told their friends and family, + they told their friends + family, + etc.

Not surprisingly, this led to Jessica being our GO-TO stylist for all your curly hair needs. Most clients seeking out this specialty will call + ask if we have anyone that is comfortable working with curly hair. (We are so excited to tell them yes we do!) When we tell them that we actually do have "curly hair specialist" that "loves to work with curly hair" they are more than relived to know they can come in here with confidence + trust. (Don't believe us? Just check out Jessica's Instagram page here.)


One of Jessica's most recommended products for her lovely curly hair clients is the GLOSSY NECTAR. She loves this product for the adding shine, + smoothing the hair out a bit as well.


Did we forget to mention that we carry an entire line dedicated just for curly locks? We have curly hair bath, curly hair mask, + (another one of Jessica's faves) curly potion. She says she loves the curly potion because it offers a good amount of hold. gets better!!

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ONE MORE THING....if you have curly hair + need a trusted specialist (or know someone that does) send them to Jessica to book now! We look forward to meeting you, but mostly we look forward to meeting your hair :)