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Curly Hair, Don't Care

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

How Jessica became our Curly Hair Girl.

"Um. It kinda just happened. LOL!" - (Jessica's response when she was asked how she came to earn the a sub-title of "curly hair specialist".) C'mon Jess, don't be shy! Not all salons can say they have a curly hair specialist, which is why we keep ours in the limelight. Read on to hear all about how our Master Stylist, Jessica, came into this much sought after title.

How It Actually Happened

Though she claims it "just happened", there may have been a few stepping stones that paved the path. Jessica has been with Agape since day one + was quickly recognized by our clients for her talents in many different areas of the industry- especially working with curly hair.

"Honestly I got one curly hair client and then it just kinda blossomed from there."

Word of mouth is one of the most affective ways to the making of a specialist like Jessica. That ONE curly hair client that Jessica worked with went on to tell the world of their amazing results. Her cult-like following has made her our go-to stylist for all things curl.

Curly-haired people rejoice! Gone are the days of searching for someone who can finally work with your tempermental coils. We've heard the despair when someone calls- " you... would you... have you ever worked with... does anyone there know how to....."

YES! We do! And Jessica absolutely loves it. Jessica has been educated on many methods to master curly hair and it has been pivital in her success. Her approach is different from most. The trending age of curly hair specialists on big social media platforms shows stylists who seem to know how to work their magic but after a few more views, you may notice it seems like they are carving curly hair blindly- approaching the curls from only a carve-out-method. Photos you see may show curly-haired-babes with perfectly symetical curls but what happens when they wash their hair at home and try styling it themselves?

Jessica has learned to work with curly hair from a wet stage to a dry stage. She doesn't believe there is a one-size-fits-all approach to every wave. She takes complete care from washing to drying to ensure the hair you leave with is the hair you'll be left with.

(Don't believe us? Just check out Jessica's Instagram page here.)

What's Her Secret Sauce?

One of Jessica's most recommended products for her lovely curly hair clients is the GLOSSY NECTAR. She loves this product for the added shine + smoothing benefits as texture plays a key role in why tossled roots can be so hard to work with. Jessica has an array of options that aid her in perfecting her craft because there's not just one product that rules them all. Everyone has different needs.

Sound good but not ready to take the leap?

The next time you're stressing about finding a stylist who can work with your crazy curls, book a consultation to see if Jessica is right for you.

When you're ready to maintain your mane at home, we carry an entire line dedicated just for curly locks, many of which can be ordered online.

Jessica's favorites:

If you have curly hair and need a trusted specialist (or know someone that does) send them to a specialst. We look forward to meeting you, but mostly we look forward to meeting your hair :)

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